All Stars

My son recently participated in an All Star tournament for his Little League. Watching him through the tournament, the confidence he built throughout the regular season was clearly abandoned for feelings of alienation and a general lack of passion. When we feel the pressure of highly capable people around us, it can affect our mindset. [...]

Five Ways UX Designers Can Build More Acceptance of Their Work

Have you ever attended a design review meeting — perhaps to review the results of a design sprint (see Jake Knapp) — where the team seemed to love the work, appreciated the research that went into the design decisions, and yet ultimately decided not to move forward with the proposed design? How frustrating. Don’t they know what this means [...]

What’s the Problem, Again?

4 Simple Rules for Avoiding Death Spiral Projects At times in my career, I’ve found myself working on projects that I would describe as “going through the motions.” While these efforts often began with the best of intentions — “make the customer happy”, “rewrite our client/server software for the Web”, and so on — over time they became death spirals [...]

Advice for the New Engineering Manager

When I first started leading software development teams, I was extremely naive about what it meant to be a manager. My father was a small businessman and lead his company and its employees with an unmistakable authority and command-and-control style. I was naturally influenced by this approach early in my career and applied it to [...]

Go Forth and Deploy

For many of us in software of a certain age, making changes to and releasing software has traditionally been a perilous activity. Customers had to be hand-held, release sequences carefully orchestrated, and contingencies planned in case of failure. And so, the best releases were done by the best release engineers (remember that title?)--typically release engineers [...]

Breaking Down Git Activity of the Swift Programming Language

A Review of Activity on the Swift Github Repo The following is a review of the Swift Programming Language recently open sourced by Apple using the gitstats utility and the freely available Github Activity charts. The Vitals Generated: 2015–12–14 21:34:08 (in 225 seconds)Report Period: 2010–07–17 16:50:59 to 2015–12–14 21:12:49Age: 1,978 days, 1,438 active days (72.70%)Total [...]