Respect the Journey

Frodo shows up in Mordor and flips the ring into the molten core of Mount Doom. He has no scars. His clothes are clean. There has been no suffering. Sam has plenty of elvish bread for the return home and it’s back to the Shire in a day or so. This is a completely different story than the one we know. It has the same outcome, but it’s entirely devoid the hard lessons of the journey that preceded it.

When we are new to a situation, it’s not always clear what journey the characters involved have been on. We can try to rally them to our cause, but if they have just gone through hell and back, the response to our pleas will certainly be different than if the team has been doing well.

There is nothing more annoying than to experience a great amount of toil and trouble, only to suffer fools at the end of the journey wondering “what took you so long” or “why the frown?” So, be empathetic to those who’ve just achieved something. It may be that it took every ounce of their strength and willpower.

It may be their Mordor.

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