I’m trying to trust more, but it’s hard. I see the failures around me as evidence that I continue to need to work to help others achieve success.

But the reality is, I fail as much as anyone. More often than I’d like to admit, the failings I observe are as much the result of my actions as those around me! What I need to do instead is to build trust. Or rather, I need to grant trust to those I love at home and to those I work among.

I can remember, when I was just 16 years old working at a local hardware store, the sporting goods clerk was trusted with the gun case. He was the elder clerk and was so heavily trusted to do his job and to care for the revolvers, pistols, and rifles, that he has been in that role for nearly a decade before I started working there.

Do you know what he did one night before going home for the night? He let me clean and clear the gun cases and put them in the safe for the night. Me, a 16 year old who had never shot a pistol. This was not supposed to happen for just anyone. You needed training. You needed to be older. To have experience. You needed…trust. Did I do anything to earn this trust? Not likely. But there I was doing my best to put these machines away without a single nick or knock and being more careful than the most ardent gun owner.

Trust can liberate. Affording trust can, ironically, be the trigger causing the trusted to actually be deserving of it.

I will strive to trust more and in so doing, to respect the intelligence and abilities of those around me.

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