Respect the Journey

Frodo shows up in Mordor and flips the ring into the molten core of Mount Doom. He has no scars. His clothes are clean. There has been no suffering. Sam has plenty of elvish bread for the return home and it's back to the Shire in a day or so. This is a completely different … Continue reading Respect the Journey


I'm trying to trust more, but it's hard. I see the failures around me as evidence that I continue to need to work to help others achieve success. But the reality is, I fail as much as anyone. More often than I'd like to admit, the failings I observe are as much the result of … Continue reading Trust

All Stars

My son recently participated in an All Star tournament for his Little League. Watching him through the tournament, the confidence he built throughout the regular season was clearly abandoned for feelings of alienation and a general lack of passion. When we feel the pressure of highly capable people around us, it can affect our mindset. … Continue reading All Stars

Five Ways UX Designers Can Build More Acceptance of Their Work

Have you ever attended a design review meeting — perhaps to review the results of a design sprint (see Jake Knapp) — where the team seemed to love the work, appreciated the research that went into the design decisions, and yet ultimately decided not to move forward with the proposed design? How frustrating. Don’t they know what this means … Continue reading Five Ways UX Designers Can Build More Acceptance of Their Work

What’s the Problem, Again?

4 Simple Rules for Avoiding Death Spiral Projects At times in my career, I’ve found myself working on projects that I would describe as “going through the motions.” While these efforts often began with the best of intentions — “make the customer happy”, “rewrite our client/server software for the Web”, and so on — over time they became death spirals … Continue reading What’s the Problem, Again?